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Template Name
Leatherbound Blogger Template
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Descriptions Wordpress Look, 2 Columns, Right Sidebar, Elegant, Personal, Fixed Width, Wood Background, Dropdown Menu.
Guide Configure Post Date:
Log in to Blogger Dashboard --> Settings --> Format, change this:

If you don't do this, it will display "UNDEFINED".
Configure Dropdown Menu:
Login to blogger dashboard --> layout --> Edit HTML. Now scroll down to where you see the codes below:
<ul id='dropmenu'><li class='first current_page_item'><a href='#'>Home</a></li><li><a href='#'>Photo Galleries</a><ul class='children'><li><a href='#'>Nature</a><ul class='children'><li><a href='#'>Clouds</a></li><li><a href='#'>Water</a></li> ..........
Now replace "#" with your menu item URL.
Template Author
Sora Templates
An PhucNguyenIT
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Columns 2 Sidebars 1
Colors Brown Styles Wordpress Look
Topics Natural Features None
Width Fixed Footer None